On-line Edition Note:  The following description applies to CBN issues published prior to June of 2006. Subsequent CBN issues do not contain articles.

About the Cold Blooded News

Cold Blooded News cover
The Cold Blooded News is published 11 times a year, every month except December. It is generally mailed during the week prior to the third Sunday of the month, to insure that members in the Denver metropolitan area receive their copy before the monthly general meeting.

The CBN is published in 8½" by 11" format, and typically runs 12 pages (3 - 11" by 17" sheets), printed both sides, center folded and stapled). A typical issue contains various Society announcements and 5 to 10 articles of interest to herpetologists, herpetoculturalists, and herp owners. The editor tries to maintain a balance of subjects in the articles published, ranging from husbandry tips and care sheets to articles of scientific interest on such topics as herp physiology, natural history, taxonomy, evolution, and paleontology. Humorous articles are published when available.

Articles printed in the CBN are posted to this web site an indeterminate length of time, typically 1 to 2 months, after publication (depending on how quickly I get around to it). Articles of particular interest from prior to 2001 are archived in our Archives section. An index is provided for all articles published in 2001 (Volume 28). Volume 29 (2002) and beyond are posted in a new format, with links in the menu bar to each issue.