About the "Guide to the Dinosaurs of Colorado"

The information provided in these pages was originally compiled from a variety of sources, listed under Suggested Reading. Specifically, the listing of the dinosaurs of the State of Colorado was taken from Jenkins and Jenkins, 1993.

About the Author:
Donald L. Blanchard is an amateur Jack of all Trades, Master of a Few. His particular interests are in geomorphology, plate tectonics, paleoclimate, taxonomy, and phylogeny. He has earned a living as an electronics engineer, computer programmer, and Web Site designer. He served for many years as editor and webmaster for the Colorado Herpetological Society.

Mr. Blanchard is the author of the "Dinosaur Extinction" article on these pages, and:

"The ABC's of Plate Tectonics"
"The Formation of Pangaea: The Making of a Supercontinent"
"Changing Paleoclimates and Mass Extinctions: A New Model for Climatic Change"

plus numerous articles on herpetology, taxonomy, and paleontology, mostly published in the Cold Blooded News, the now defunct newsletter of the Colorado Herpetological Society (most articles of which are archived on this web site).

File last updated April 2013.