Best Warzone 2 Loadout of the Week stalk rooftops with this sniper

We know it’s hard to say no to a Shipment-only playlist, but it’s time to talk about the Call of Duty battle royale again and this week’s entry into our Best Warzone 2 Loadout of the Week series. Last week, we talked about JGOD’s perfect close range class – which will certainly help you in and around the major POIs. This week, though, we’re here to talk about long-range options and making the most of one of the best Warzone 2 sniper rifle options available.

And, to do just that, we’re taking a look at an SP-X 80 build that’s sure to knock your festive socks off – courtesy of Call of Duty content creator Jack ‘JackFrags‘ Mason. If you want to make the most of this weapon, then you’ll find one of the best Warzone 2 SP-X 80 loadout builds below.

But, we know that’s not the only thing you need to consider when creating a loadout. So, we’re going to run through a deadly secondary weapon build too – and make sure you’re using the best Warzone 2 perk packages on top of this – to make sure you’re equipped for everything Al Mazrah will throw your way.

First things first, though. Let’s talk about that SP-X 80 build. Here’s everything you need to know about setting up one of the best SP-X 80 builds – thanks to JackFrags:

Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
Optic: Force TAC Delta 4
Stock: Max DMR Precision
Rear Grip: Schlager Match Grip
Ammunition: .300 High Velocity
We know this might seem like an unusual sniper rifle build, but it actually makes a lot of sense given this weapon’s naturally low damage range – when you compare it to other sniper rifles in this class.

The Force TAC Delta 4 optic attachment is just enough magnification for you to pick targets off from a while away, while also safeguarding against you trying to use it from too far away ineffectively. Meanwhile, the ammunition attachment chosen is going to reduce bullet travel time and make sure that each shot is landing – provided it’s initially on target.

A few things to note, though – as you’ll be able to see for yourself in the video below – are that you’re going to need to tune the ammunition attachment to offer more damage range and more bullet velocity – over recoil smoothness and steadiness. In addition to this, you’re going to want to tune the optic attachment to “far” and so it offers slightly more ADS speed.

However, what about that secondary weapon? Well, for that, we’re turning to Caleb ‘tcTekk‘ Sutton for an X12 akimbo build that’s going to dominate close-range combat.

Here’s what you need to equip:

Muzzle: FT Steel Fire
Trigger Action: XRK Lightning Fire
Barrel: XRK Sidewinder-6 Slide
Laser: 1mw Pistol Laster
Rear Grip: Akimbo X12

Finishing things off, we recommend that you use the Specter perk package and equip Semtex and Stun Grenades with this class. There is a case to be made with a Heartbeat Sensor, and Claymores can be useful if you’re planning on sitting still for a while. However, we still think these two throwable options are going to be more useful when it comes to the multitude of situations Warzone 2 will throw at you.

Is this one of the best Warzone 2 loadouts of all time? We certainly think there’s an argument to be made. However, if you don’t think so, you can find out more about the best Warzone 2 guns right here.