Co-workers both win big in same lottery drawing

A Maryland man who was unable to visit a store in time to buy his lottery ticket enlisted the help of a co-worker — enabling them both to win big prizes.

The Charles County construction worker told Maryland Lottery officials he always uses the number combination 1-2-3-5-5 to play Pick 5, but when he found himself unable to visit a store in time to buy a ticket for the Nov. 18 midday drawing, he turned to a co-worker for help.

The man’s friend purchased the $1 straight bet ticket for him, and decided to buy a 50-cent straight bet ticket bearing the same number combination for himself.

The numbers came up in the drawing, earning the player a $50,000 prize and his co-worker a $25,000 prize.

“My buddy was happy that I sent him out for that ticket,” the $50,000 winner told lottery officials.

The man said he became a daily Pick 5 player when the game started in February.

“I like that you can pay less and win more money,” he said.

The winner said he doesn’t know what he will do with his prize money, but he plans not to spend it quickly.

“I can promise you that it is going to last for a while,” he said.